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‘Christina on the Coast’ Is Finally Here: Come on In!

Ready for a first look at Christina Anstead’s new design adventures? We’ve got 20 of ‘em.

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All Smiles

This is the face you make when your master bathroom finally has a door. Yup, you read that right: before Christina turned up, these poor fellows had an open-plan WC.

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Before: Flailing in Fullerton

Christina’s clients called her in to dig a beautiful master suite out from under ‘50s-era cabinetry that swallowed their view and dominated the bedroom. Storage is well and good, but the wrong storage made the space feel like a morgue.

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After: Wake-Up Call

Good morning, sunshine! Christina pared back those hulking built-ins and replaced them with elegant floating shelves in a pale, velvety grey. She also turned a broken-window disaster into a golden opportunity by swapping in an exterior door, granting much-needed access to a beautiful backyard.

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Beauty With Brains

Though it’s smaller than the dated countertop it replaces, this handsome piece delivers ample storage and plenty of prep space for a couple. Floor-level open shelving, in turn, makes the most of the vanity’s footprint without making it feel heavy.

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