15 Signs You're Meant to Live in the Caribbean

You've seen the amazing vistas and properties on HGTV's Caribbean Life, but are you ready to move? Here are 15 signs you're meant to live near the equator.

The sound of waves breaking is like music to your ears.

Your top extracurriculars include swimming, snorkeling and staring at the sea.

A wild night out consists of relaxing on the porch, waiting for the sun to set over the sea.

If it was up to you, everything would be Caribbean blue. Everything.

You could sit and watch the waves for hours, without ever feeling compelled to do anything else.

You want the sea to be the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night.

You don't get the whole dog vs. cat thing. For you, it's all about the sea turtles.

Beach food is the only food, and you scoff at anyone who tries to tell you differently.

When given the choice, you'd give up cars for boats any day of the week.

A house by the sea is your idea of what heaven must look like.

Your perfect lazy weekend consists of lying in bed, listening to the waves crashing just outside your door.

You consider the sea to be the only acceptable means of travel.

As far as landscaping goes, you'll always choose palm trees over pine trees.

You consider a day spent on the dock to be superior to a day at Disney World.

You are fully aware that it doesn't get any better than this.

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