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Husband and wife flippers, Josh and Krystal Galindo, team up with her brother, Casey, to take on Las Vegas' most rundown, unwanted houses and transform them into dream homes. Like everything else in Las Vegas, each renovation is a gamble, but if they want to make it in this town, they're going to have to bet the house.
Season 1, Episode 1

The Pink Candy Cane House Flip

When a house in an up-and-coming Las Vegas neighborhood goes up for auction, the Galindos jump at the opportunity and buy the home sight unseen. But upon entry, they quickly realize this 1960s time capsule has been untouched for 15 years, and it will take more than just cosmetic updates to entice buyers. They'll have to go all-in if they want to transform this time capsule into a modern dream home.

Apr 24
12pm | 11c