About The Show

Landscape designer Jamie Durie helps homeowners transform their neglected, overgrown and out-of-control outdoor spaces. In each episode, he tackles two lackluster backyards and turns them into showstopping oases tailored to each family's needs.

Outdoors Inspo

Season 1, Episode 4

Junk Yards and Poisonous Snakes

Jamie Durie digs through a junk pile to create a relaxing where a family’s kids can study and play. Later, he helps transform a family's backyard from a dangerous forest into a safe Japanese garden for their baby.

May 25
6am | 5c
Season 1, Episode 1

Jungles and Alligators

Jamie Durie helps a family see the beauty in their overgrown backyard by making a special space for the family to enjoy. Later, he makes a coastal retreat for a Merritt Island family and battles an alligator trying to make their backyard its home.

May 25
7am | 6c
Season 1, Episode 2

Falling Palms and Overgrown Dreams

Jamie Durie takes big risks to create an oasis for a Palm Springs family. Later, he works with another family to uncover the beauty beneath their wasteland of a backyard.

May 25
8am | 7c