Best 'Yard Crashers' Twist Ever: Matt Blashaw Meets the Love of His Life!

The DIY Network host and his fiancée share the story behind the upcoming episode that gives them a makeover.

Matt and Lindsay's first meeting on the set of Yard Crashers in Kansas City.

Matt and Lindsay's first meeting on the set of Yard Crashers in Kansas City.

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Yard Crashers host Matt Blashaw surprises people for a living, so he knows a thing or two about run-ins that can have dramatic consequences. Turnabout, as they say, is fair play, and Kansas City had a big reveal in store for him when he and his crew traveled there last fall to shoot two episodes for the current season. On Day two of the first crash, he met container-gardening expert Lindsay Archer — and he was a goner. They'll be getting married this September — but let's back up a bit and let them tell their story.

Crazy Man Meets Plant Lady

The plant wall that started it all.

The plant wall that started it all.

The Yard Crashers crew had taken over Kansas City for an upcoming episode and were hard at work on a backyard makeover. Lindsay, a local KC resident who had been hired by a landscape designer and architect to build a plant wall for the makeover, had never seen Yard Crashers and wasn't interested in appearing on camera. She didn't have much of a choice, though, as filming had started when she arrived, but something (someone) else ending up catching most of her attention anyway.

Lindsay: I saw Matt and thought, 'Gosh, that guy's cute, but what a crazy man, running around the yard.' We had a couple of little exchanges, and then I got the heck outta there.

Matt: She showed up, and she started getting her plants out of the car. I looked at my producer and went, 'Who's the plant lady?!' So we exchanged a couple of comments in the backyard, and I thought she had a sense of humor and a good head about her, and so I thought there was just something about her that I just had to learn more about. And she didn’t know who I was, didn’t care who I was ... she doesn’t watch TV ever. She was probably like, 'Oh, geez' ...

Lindsay: ... 'Who's this guy?'

Matt: And so I asked Drew, the contractor, 'Do you think you could give me [Lindsay's] number so I can text her and maybe ask her out?' And he goes, 'Ahh, I don't know, let me think about it.' So he asks his wife [if it would be OK].

Lindsay: [Drew's] very much a gentleman, very midwestern.

Courtship Via Plant Wall

Matt and Lindsay the night after they met.

Matt and Lindsay the night after they met.

Drew the Contractor shared Lindsay's number and even offered to take the blame if Matt faced blowback from the blind text. Matt's strategy for the initial text? Compliment her on her pretty plant wall — and her pretty face.

According to Lindsay, "He said, 'Hey, my name's Matt. I was the guy running around the yard today like a crazy man. Drew gave me your number, so if you didn't want it passed out you can blame him. Thought you might want to see some photos of your completed work. I thought it was beautiful, and you are, too.'"

They went on their first date a few days later, and, as you could have guessed, it's been bliss ever since.

Matt: I just knew she was something special.

Lindsay: And I thought he was full of crap! Because he was just so cute, and then he was really great on the date. So I was like, 'Oh my gosh, this guy does this all he time. He's an actor; he knows what he's doing.' And then we went out again the very next night, and I realized it was kinda real.

Matt: We looked at each other and I said, 'I don't want to leave you,' and she said, 'I don't want to leave you,' and we thought, 'Oh, this is not good. Why did we do this?" We were just expecting to go and have a nice dinner, we weren't expecting it to spark as it did.

The Travel Test

Matt and Lindsay in New York City.

Matt and Lindsay in New York City.

Reminder: At this point, Matt and Lindsay are kind of falling for one another ... and they live very far apart. Matt is based in LA, and Lindsay in Kansas City. So early on in their courtship, Matt invited her to New York while he filmed for the Today Show, both of them testing out whether they could handle traveling to one another and with each other. Spoiler: It went OK.

Lindsay: Since we lived so far apart we thought we'd get it out of the way. Then we'd know [if it could work], and we could move on. It went really, really well, and then we spent Thanksgiving together, and Christmas together, and it has just been perfect.

One More Surprise

She said "YES!"

She said "YES!"

Fast-forward to early March: Matt had known he was going to marry her from the first day they met, and he was ready to pop the question. For the proposal, he enlisted the help of one of Lindsay's friends, who lives on the beach in Dana Point, Calif. The friend asked Lindsay to help her with planting a pot on her patio, where Matt hid a ring box wrapped in paper underneath the soil.

Matt: I was sitting there just getting really nervous, you know, 'Hurry up, get into the soil!' Finally, Lindsay got to the box — and thought it was her friend's dog, Sonny [that had been cremated and put in the garden]. And she's all, 'It's Sonny! It's Sonny!' And I said, 'No, it's not the dead dog!'

Lindsay: Finally, I found [the package] that said 'OPEN ME,' and I thought it was a gift from [my friend] that she'd buried in her pot, and Matt said, 'Lindsay, just open it and see what it is!' And then he took it and got down on one knee and started professing his love. And I said yes.

They're getting married on that beach where Matt proposed to Lindsay, and as a shock to no one, they're already thinking about arrangements.

Lindsay: I don't even know what my dress is going to be, but I do know what I'm going to carry, I think.

Matt: The flowers before the dress!

To celebrate their engagement and the airing of the episode that brought them together, Matt and Lindsay are getting together with Drew the Contractor, who definitely didn't get in trouble for giving Lindsay's number out. In fact, the crew called the pairing before the shoot was even over.

Matt: Everyone is like, 'YOU’RE MARRYING PLANT LADY!' Everyone loves her.

Lindsay: When the episode where we met airs, Drew is having a little watch party in Kansas City for everyone that was a part of it, and we're going to be there for it with all of them.

Matt: As she put it in her Instagram post about the show — her hashtag was #CrashMyHeart.

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