Wendy Labrum is a Chicago-based interior designer. Her passion for interiors was born during two years living in London and traveling throughout Europe to study the art, architecture, and fashion that comprise the building blocks of modern design. Along the way she realized that interior spaces are often the place where all of that creativity lives. It’s where function meets form, where style coexists with practicality, and where breathtaking views aren’t just admired from afar, but experienced in intimate and tangible ways.

Upon returning from Europe in 2007, Wendy opened her namesake firm. Her focus is on creating spaces that evoke a sense of timelessness by combining elements from various periods - a way of learning from the past with a view towards the future. As a mother of two young children, she also believes in developing intelligent interiors that enhance the way families utilize their homes without sacrificing the elements that inspire.

Over the years, Wendy and her team have completed a number of comprehensive, large-scale projects in Chicagoland and select locations around the country. Wendy specializes in custom homes, working closely with talented architects and builders to design and refine every detail. She has completed contemporary new construction and historical preservation projects, large and small-scale remodels, and redecoration.

Fundamental to her design approach is a belief that a home is the backdrop for our most precious memories. As such, designing them is not an “off the shelf” endeavor, but rather an individualized process resulting in one-of-a-kind environments. Living spaces should be curated, not installed. She is deeply committed to client service and believes the best outcomes are always driven by a collaborative effort between client and designer.

Wendy Labrum

Wendy Labrum

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