Tamara Eaton Design LLC exemplifies the definition of sophisticated, personalized and elegant interior design. Tamara's talent to blend old with new, function with style, and elegance with timelessness, creates beautiful interiors.

Tamara Eaton Design, based in New York City, is a full-service interior design firm with numberous high-end residential and commercial projects throughout the New York tri-state, national and internationally. Recently named one of the top interior designers in the country by a leading real estate publication, Tamara Eaton Design continues to be featured in the press and more importantly, by their clients as an emerging force in the industry.

Tamara Eaton's interior design eductated begin in childhood. Born in Charlottesville, Virginia and living in several countries before she was a teenager, she became accustomed to seeing new design, be it in city layout, to building architecture, to interior design. Her design flexibilty and knowledge of products sourced throughout the world has deep roots from this experience. 

Tamara Eaton

Tamara Eaton

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