We began our firm, in 1990, with the desire to be known as ‘serious’ builders. Design was our core –  but we wanted to dispel the notion that architects don’t care or know how to build (especially if they are design oriented).  We focused on a very pragmatic modernist approach, intense contract documentation, and high speed response.  We’ve distinguished ourselves with the projects we got built.

With this foundation of work and an inquisitive process focused on results firmly established, our practice has entered a new chapter.

We find that our work is more concise, our responses clearer.  Building on our past and with our core tenets, our investigations are going deeper.  We look for things to perform better, look better, be more perfect.  Our experience has given us a deeper appreciation and concern for our client’s investments and the human experience.  We believe our work, our architecture, can honor that investment and reflect our and society’s highest aspirations through built products that resonate with a higher level of refinement and responsiveness.

Studio Pali Fekete Architects

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Studio Pali Fekete Architects
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