Sett Studio is a forward-thinking approach to functional space. By combing modern and contemporary design with the latest in energy-efficient building materical, we build enrivonmentally repsonible modular home and studio spaces.

Our modular studio units typically range in size from 80-360 sf. These units are typically the solution for people who are needing more space at home. Many of our studios are used as home offices, guest rooms, kid’s rooms, art or yoga rooms and even recording studios. We have several pre-designed units here on the website to choose from, but we also offer fully-customized studio solutions.

When building full-scale modular homes, we work with you to create your custom design, address your needs, and fully utilize the property’s features.

We build our modulars with Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) in our warehouse and deliver them right to your property. Instead of months of on-site construction, Sett installs your modular unit in a fraction of the time. Some of our projects, however, require customization that makes SIP construction not the most efficient method to build. In these instances, we build stick frame structures that are insulated with closed-cell foam insulation.

To effectively create engaging, responsible space, we focus on three fundamental elements - design, materials and purpose of space.

Our forward-thinking perspective sets the direction for our functionally modern approach to design. When designing our studio units, we want owners to have an attractive space that enhances their property, and provides the space they need. Our full-scale modular homes are designed to meet the owner’s specific needs, and fit the property as well. All Sett units are designed to accommodate solar and rainwater packages, and offer a variety of upgrades/accessories.

Looking for a custom studio or home? We work with you at every step of the design process, addressing your needs and helping you find solutions. This is really our underlying goal - we help you re-think the space you need, and create the space you want.

Most of our units are built with SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) technology, Sett utilizes the most energy-efficient building material available for this format. These panels not only maximize energy-efficiency, they also significantly reduce on-site material waste. We also utilize our signature surfacing material - Monotread - a sustainable interior surfacing application that is extremely durable.

Creating additional space in your home environment can be difficult. Adding on to an existing structure is typically costly, requires building permits and is intrusive during the course of construction.

Sett Studio units are cost-effective, usually requires no permits and we build your studio off-site and deliver it ready-to-use - meaning you don’t have to endure the construction process.

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