Robert Nebolon Architects is an internationally recognized design firm, providing architectural design services for Residential and Commercial projects in both Southern California and Northern California.

The firm specializes in modern residential projects and modern beach houses in cities such as Los Angeles, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Malibu, Point Richmond, San Francisco, Tiburon, Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, and Marin County.

Based in the Bay Area, we've had the pleasure of designing many homes throughout the state of California since our inception in 1993. In this issue, we've included projects that took us to a variety of the many beautiful, and unique, settings within the landscape of California.

When developing a design, we look to those unique site features for opportunities. Features such as topography, views, sunlight, and local climate can provide a starting point form which we develop design solutions. We may find possibilities for special features, such as ways to celebrate the changing play of sunlight in a room, on a terrace or facade. We also consider how a space will engage its unique views, both distant and immediate. These views, in turn, connect the house to its context.

Additionally, we look to the regional and local architectural context for clues on what would fit best on each site. Given the diverse pallette of styles and cultural influences in California, there are often many directions we could perhaps take. But, in working with our clients and studying each site, we find solutions that speak to that particular location and create the character that suits our clients' individual lifestyle and taste

California is distinctive for its blending geographical, cultural, technological, ecological influences in home design. We have certainly enjoyed being a part of this diversity, and hope you will enjoy our portfolio of modern California homes.

Robert Nebolon

Robert Nebolon

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