New York based, Australian architect Pippa Lee relocated to NYC in 2011 after graduating with her Masters in Architecture from Adelaide University. Pippa established her unique wellness focused architectural practice Pip+Pencil in 2016, born from the impact the city's indoor centric lifestyle was having on her health and well-being.

​Hailing from a country proud of its clean and healthy outdoor lifestyle, the shift towards spending a majority of time either indoors or surrounded by many forms of pollution was the catalyst for Pippa’s healthy design approach.

​Influenced by her studies in health coaching as well as a personal sensitivity to toxic smells, Pippa has spent much of her time researching and experimenting with ways in which she can make indoor living and working environments as healthy as possible. Lee believes that our health starts in the home, and our indoor environments have an enormous impact on our mental and physical state.

Pippa’s approach can be described as contemporary and minimalist with a relaxed, Aussie vibe. Her experiences range from commercial, retail and hospitality, but her true passion lies in boutique residential and more recently – nurseries.

Pippa is currently studying to become a certified Building Biologist, allowing her to help scientifically test her clients spaces for the presence of toxins and advise her clients on the design of a truly healthy home. 

When not booked with private clients, Pippa dedicates her extra time to clients via the New York interior design company Homepolish.

Pippa Lee

Pippa Lee

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