As owner and founder of Nar Fine Carpentry, Inc., I have always stayed true to my beliefs. Believing in people, believing in quality, believing in improving and empowering people's lives through the portal of design, the portal of creativity and professional delivery in what I offer.

I have hired professionals who are deeply invested in their career as designers and builders. People who care about the outcome of each project manifesting their personal best. A culmination of their life's work. As a company, we are invested in our clients, for they have selected us as their first choice to build their dreams and to know their investment is safe and secure. We pursue quality innovation with every project, only using materials and products we can proudly stand behind. But products alone won't cut it. Products need a vision, a creative eye for ingenuity and delivery. You deserve the best in design!

I have focused on creating a design/build remodeling company that empowers the homeowner with successful projects. Projects that make you proud of your investment, to projects that raise the value of your home, to projects that raise your quality of life and a daily joyful experience. This is what I value. This is why I am here.

Your success is our success!

Nar Bustamante

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Nar Fine Carpentry
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