At Morgante-Wilson Architects, we draw inspiration from listening to our clients. In fact, as we see it, listening is the first duty of design.

We understand that when you engage our services, you take a leap of faith. You trust us to transform your aesthetic and personal viewpoints in a way that complements – and enhances – who you are, and how you want to live. It’s an opportunity we honor by prioritizing your needs and preferences over our own and by engaging you in an energetic, ongoing exchange of ideas. The result? A home that truly reflects your style, as well as your lifestyle.

Which is precisely the reason so many of our clients return to work with us again and again, reengaging us as their requirements and sensibilities change over time. As much as any industry design award, these lasting partnerships are a source of pride for us – and a truly meaningful sign that we’ve indeed succeeded in earning the trust of the clients we serve.

As interpreters of so many unique client preferences, MWA works comfortably within a multitude of style conventions, from contemporary to classic, and everywhere in between. Our assortment of competencies is just as broad, spanning architecture, interior design, and custom furniture design.

Such breadth of service enables us to travel freely and easily between the worlds of new construction, renovation, and interiors. It also allows us to provide holistic solutions to our clients’ needs. After all, when a firm such as MWA has the capacity to contribute simultaneously to each layer of a project, from blueprints to surface finishes, the entire house, in the end, sings a uniquely unified harmony of proportion, texture, light, and beauty.

Yet for all the diversity showcased in our work, every Morgante-Wilson Architects home shares a single characteristic: Livability. We use design to create a respite from the pressures of the outside world, and to introduce a welcome sense of ease into daily life. MWA homes are not stage sets. Rather, they are the equivalent of spatial hugs, comprised of rooms that calm, organize, gather, inspire, and comfort our clients. We believe they are most beautiful once they are lived in. 

We also believe architecture of any style should respect the wider world in which we live – which is the reason we offer ecologically-friendly building options and high-quality, cost-effective, energy-efficient choices for client consideration. Our completion of the first Gold LEED-certified residence in Glenview, Illinois, is proof of this respect.

With more than 25 years experience, Morgante-Wilson Architects remains committed to our employees, our clients, our community, and our craft. In addition to our pro-bono services on behalf of philanthropic agencies including Designs 4 Dignity, Rebuilding Together, the University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation, and Community Partners for Affordable Housing, Morgante-Wilson’s work with the City of Chicago and the Village of Wilmette has also resulted in the establishment of civic development standards that exemplify the potential of good architecture to make the world a healthier, more sustainable, more beautiful place.

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