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Zen Bathroom

By: Kate Brimer
Browse pictures of a multipurpose bathroom with a Japanese soaking tub.
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Photo: Matthew Coates Ellis. From: Matthew Coates.

Japanese Master Bathroom

Japanese soaking tub, or ofuro tubs, are deeper in comparison to the western bathtub, with sides that are square rather than sloped or rounded. The lights are compact fluorescent, and the countertops are recycled quartz. The wow factor is the view!

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Photo: Tom Clements Photography

Japanese Soaking Tub With Beautiful View

This Japenese ofuro soaking tub is nestled by a bathroom window overlooking the Seattle skyline for ultimate relaxation. Wood paneling on the walls adds warmth and character to the sleek space.

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Mindful of Materials

Instead of using wood floors, designer Matthew Coates lined the walls and ceiling in warm wood panels where the material was less likely to come in contact with water.

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All Together One

The multipurpose space includes a closet, laundry room and dressing area while mainting a spa-like aesthetic with wood walls, pendant lighting and double vanity sinks.

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