Modern Home's Wood-Grain Look Blends With Nature

The exterior of this modern home has a wood-grain look that blends with the landscaping and natural surroundings. The home's glass front creates an easy indoor-outdoor transition. The lower level opens onto an infinity pool area, which is great for entertaining.

Photo By: Tre Dunham

Photo By: Tre Dunham

Photo By: Tre Dunham

Photo By: Charles Davis Smith

Photo By: Charles Davis Smith

Photo By: Charles Davis Smith

Modern Home Complements Natural Beauty of Its Surroundings

Looking out over this beautiful hillside, this home complements the beauty of the region instead of competing with it. Materials used in building this home appear to have a "grain", which flows with the topography of the surrounding countryside and feels as if it is one with nature.

Elegant Blend of Nature and Construction

The modern exterior of this home uses the colors of nature to blend the structure into the landscape that surrounds it. The home uses the slope of the land to create a pleasant mixture of nature and construction.

Exterior Lighting and Stair Makes for Easy Access to Hill Country

The front of this elegant, modern house is made of mostly glass so that the homeowner can enjoy the view of the Hill Country that their home overlooks. Exterior lighting and a large patio with steps make the home's access to its hilly surroundings much easier to navigate, further connecting this home with its beautiful environment.

Home's Glass Front, Modern Interior Creates Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Transition

The modern, open interior of this home allows plenty of natural light to flow into the space, illuminating the stairway and the public spaces in the home, while the neutral color palette reflects the light and the surroundings. Aided by the modern light fixture, the windows in this home help to bring the outdoors in, making the transition from indoor space to outdoor space as seamless as possible.

Tons of Open Air Space Makes Modern Home Perfect for Relaxing and Enjoying the View

The lower level of this home, replete with glass doors and windows, opens conveniently onto the pool area, which serves as the perfect place to play as a family or with friends. The ease of access between the two spaces allows for a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor. The second floor of this home has an elegant balcony that allows homeowners to overlook the pool and their view, so that they can be a part of the excitement without being in the middle of it.

Infinity Pool Helps Modern Home's Exterior Become One with Nature

Th focus of this home's pool area is oneness with nature. A natural wood deck extends from the modern facade of the home, further blending the construction of this building with its surroundings. Two chaise lounges, a covered chaise lounge and a fire pit rest next to the pool so that homeowners can enjoy their views. The most spectacular part of this outdoor living space, however, is the infinity pool that stretches out across the space and seems to become one with the hillside, providing the ultimate "one with nature" feel designers and homeowners craved.

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