Linc Thelen’s passion in art and design began at an early age while following alongside his father who owned a design-build company.  As his fervor for the arts grew his father shared his vision.  Supporting the importance of art and creativity has been a perpetual theme in his life.  Linc received his BFA in painting from Northern Illinois University. He continued his studies by traveling abroad to Italy and France focused on mastering the chiaroscuro techniques of the Renaissance Masters.

Linc has resided in Chicago for twenty years.  He has an entrepreneurial spirit with a thirteen year celebrated career combining interior architecture, design-build and the visual arts.  Referred to as a “triple threat” by writer Barri Leiner Grant in Modern Luxury’s Interiors Chicago, Linc seamlessly blends his talents in architecture and the arts to create a classic and unique design vision.  Known for well-choreographed interiors, Linc masters the art of creating spaces that are timeless and eclectic, fusing a bit of the unexpected. Linc’s designs extend far beyond the composition of the room's interior.  Every choice is carefully considered, every detail weighed.  His artistic vision and practical sense of space yield environments with a distinct architectural vernacular. Linc takes the “master builder" approach to his projects, one of the oldest forms of construction procedure. The end result is a turnkey project where Linc takes on the roles of artist, designer and general contractor and masters each with great proficiency.

Painting for over two decades, Linc Thelen is an award-winning artist whose work is coveted in both private and public collections. Linc captures the classical principals of painting; composition, texture, form and light and transforms those prominent techniques to three-dimensional spaces. Linc Thelen’s paintings fuse his classical training with a modern perspective. Linc’s earlier works consist of classical still life and landscape painting described as dream-like and esoteric layered with calming emotion. His recent work is more abstract and architectural, an attempt to deconstruct the form.

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