Ken Gemes started his firm in 1999, after years in the Fashion Industry. He has a less is more approach to design; cognizant of the daily demands of the modern family, Gemes design aesthetic focuses on creating environments that are at once elegant and inviting. The accessibility and use of the space is always forefront in Gemes' mind when developing an interior space. He works with clients to develop a home where the client can be comfortable and at ease but easily transition to entertaining guests. His ability to listen to clients and offer intelligent and innovative solutions allows him to create spaces which are functional and stylish. He is well known for his sense of color, developed in his years in fashion, and commonly uses soft tones that are soothing and welcoming. As Gemes himself notes, "I have to make sure that every room in the house draws you in and functions as well as possible."

Gemes' interest with interior design began over 20 years ago with his management position in a major retail clothing chain overseeing new store development. Later as a Senior Vice President of Merchandising and Design for a sportswear company on Seventh Avenue, his position allowed him to travel globally for fashion and color forecasting. His travels and discoveries led to final collaborative meetings in India for the development of fabrics and apparel production. It was here that Gemes found his true passion in the home furnishing and textile markets. His foray into the world of Interior Design began as a sideline business, designing and importing British Colonial style furniture. Clients immediately responded to his clean, crisp design aesthetic and often purchased with the caveat that he design the layout of the room to seamlessly introduce the British Colonial pieces into their spaces with their existing furniture. Increasing demand for his Interior Design skills led Gemes to leave the fashion industry and found his own interior design firm, specializing in high-end residential projects throughout the Northeast and the South.

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