Having spent years growing up in Africa and the Middle East, playing veterinarian with native wildlife, and watching my mother become an expert gardener in desert and tropical climates, it's no wonder that horticulture and landscape design finally became my passion and my career.

When I walk my clients through the design process, I simultaneously make them aware of the Mediterranean climate that we share with four other parts of the world. Thus, we can successfully grow plants and trees from Africa and Australia, just to name a few.

Along with the experience of having designed numerous front yards, backyards, and acreage, I have implemented numerous aspects of a design in order to transfer personal hands-on experience to the do-it-yourselfer. And when personal experience hasn't taught me the necessary skills, I defer such knowledge to a handful of skilled professionals ready to assist you.

As a registered horticultural therapist (HTR), I inspire, nurture, and teach patients and older adults with genuine care and fun. My clients always look forward to my sessions. 

Katrina Fairchild

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Horticultural Therapy and Design
www.horttherapyanddesign.com/ APLD Suwanee, GA 678-314-9082

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