Judith’s fine arts education inspires her design. A love of painting and drawing as well as architecture brings a fresh sparkle to her work. She often starts a project with the client’s artwork and creates the room around it.

Her heritage includes a century run business in furniture manufacturing which adds an understanding of furniture construction and design. You may have come across the family name – Krug. She will actually show you the underside of a sofa in a showroom and tell you why it is going to last 30 years … or why it isn’t. Born in a family where her grandmother was raised in Tokyo, Judith’s eye was drawn to elements of design from an early age. Japanese brush painting, ikebana, shibori, and origami taught early lessons about line, form, colour, composition and geometry.

Judith has an eclectic background to say the least. She has been an artist since she sharpened her first 24-pack of pencil crayons. Yet she started her career in IT, which may seem an odd fit but that is where she honed her skills in project management and developed a deep understanding of process and an orientation to details. Function is everything in information technology. It also comes in handy when you are trying to design a living space so that eight people can play a board game in front of the fireplace.

Judith completed her formal training in Interior Design in Toronto where she received high honours for her work. Today she lives in Toronto’s Beaches neighborhood with her family, and travels whenever project schedules permit to stay at her place in Cape Cod.

Judith Taylor

Judith Taylor

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