Jonathan Rachman is one of San Francisco's most celebrated interior designers, having made a name for himself with clients in the city’s toniest neighborhoods and wine country’s most beautiful estates. He brings an international story to all of his work.

Born in Sumatra, he developed an appreciation of Indonesia’s natural beauty and attention to detail in the craftsmanship of furniture, textiles, and sculpture produced there. An education in Switzerland afforded him the luxury of traveling across Europe to some of the best antiques markets in the world. He was exposed to architectural wonders across the continent, again piquing his interest in the design world. Living in Paris, he frequented its famed flea market and developed a keen eye for collections—something for which he’s now known.

Rachman is also known for the buying trips he takes with clients around the world. His knowledge of other countries, their markets, and their languages gives him confidence to lead clients to the best each place has to offer. He opened his first antiques and floral design shop in the heart of San Francisco. It became a favorite of design enthusiasts and the media alike, and Rachman began giving patrons advice on interior design. That led him to start his own design firm.

He works on projects large and small, but insists each one be personal. “Every project, to me, is exciting because every one is different and provides me the unique opportunity to create something memorable, something that reflects the individuality of the client,” says Rachman.

Jonathan Rachman

Jonathan Rachman

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