At JMS Architecture enjoy and understand the incredible responsibility to create a built structure that addresses the utilitarian needs of our client while also expressing a modern aesthetic that manifests into the clients wants.

Modern Architecture. Context: a building relates to its context by responding to nature, breezes, orientation, views- desired and undesired. In an urban setting, a building must maintain the urban fabric; in terms of scale, importance, materials, orientation, axial relationships, and its role as part of the urban scope. In nature, a building must minimize its footprint; establish a connection to the site with marriage of the building to the land; to protect and nurture the shelter.

Modern Architecture. Sustainable: Precious resources are to be used wisely and responsibly. Layers of unnecessary materials are to be avoided and materials are used in an honest intended manner. The use of deep overhangs, generous wall openings, walls based on material proportions, shading devices and an appropriate sitting of the building to the land are a few elements of sustainable building. Also, we provide flexible spaces which not only maximize the function, but also provide an efficient and modest area that will satisfy our clients daily needs. Materials are commonly selected from local sources which are renewable, recyclable and long lasting.

Modern Architecture. Space: Creating spaces for a specific yet flexible need. To create a livable environment for the celebration of purpose; entertaining, working, living, worshiping, or simply observing. The purpose of the building provides the opportunity to create the space- the space creates the place.

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