Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture is a full service landscape architecture, design, and design build firm specializing in high end design for a wide range of clients from residential, commercial, and institutional projects to campus planning. Each project presents new challenges and contains a broad spectrum of budgets and requirements. At JGS Landscape Architecture we holistically approach each new project and set of challenges with a fresh and unique eye in order to provide our clients the best possible landscape for their required needs.

Our focus is on creating site-specific, illuminating landscape designs that blur the edge between architecture and landscape, and between landscape and the surrounding environment. It is our mission to provide our clients with well thought out, living designs, that exceed their expectations and challenge the perceptions of what landscape is.


The philosophy of Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture has always reflected our passion for unique plant material and meticulous attention to the projects overall design concept. Our landscapes are distinct in blending an unparalleled plant vocabulary, compelling concepts and thoughtful design solutions in order to provide each client with an extraordinary landscape.

Using plants as our medium we are able to soften the sometimes harsh lines of the hardscape. As designer’s, we must think of every transition because it is at those edges where some of the most critical and important elements are fashioned.

The main objectives of our designs strive to marry architecture to site and to develop a cohesive landscape design that looks and feels as though it belongs in the overall context of its surroundings. This concept is referred to as regionalism. Our office has a strong conviction toward a regional style which advocates an exploration of the site and specific geographic location in order to find the genius loci, or “the spirt of place.” Part of this strategy means encouraging the owners of our designs to celebrate where they live and create a stronger connection through their landscape.

Keeping continuity in a project makes for a strong and cohesive design. Viewing a project holistically means considering landscape, architecture, distant views, materials, colors, textures, shapes, forms, and client as separate parts of one entity. Quality workmanship, genius loci, and continuity is what sets our projects appart and what ultimately makes our clients cherish their spaces, giving them that feeling of connection to place.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape

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