With a focus on aesthetics, personalized function and meticulous attention to detail, seasoned architect Jay Corder and his tight-knit team delight in bringing a client’s vision of a great space to reality.

Whether it’s a custom-designed home or mid-sized commercial venture, Jay Corder Architect brings a modernist approach, aesthetic sensibility and personal commitment to every project.

On a Modernist Approach

To Jay and his team, a modernistic approach to design means of this century and decade. It means acknowledging that we live in our homes differently than we did 15 or 20 years ago, and that things like flow and natural light are important to our personal enjoyment and even our well-being. In good modern design, there is a beautiful and useful manipulation of the edge between interior and exterior space, and a clear connection to the outdoors.

On Aesthetics

A custom home is much more than a shelter. As the shell that protects your dearest people and the treasures you’ve collected over time, it should be beautiful, well-designed, made of quality materials and expertly crafted. This is the place that adds up to your life experience, and its design and construction should reflect that.

On Personal Connections

Jay believes in a reciprocal client relationship, and wants to be listening as much as he is talking. The team’s goal is to get to know you well enough to understand and interpret your very particular needs—then design a beautiful home that meets every single one of them.

Jay Corder

Jay Corder

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