IS Architecture is known for creating intimate, family friendly spaces. The firm also facilitates a strong personal relationship with each client, involving and guiding them through every step of the design and construction process.

Ione R. Stiegler, FAIA approaches each project without preconceived ideas and aids clients in clarifying their priorities. Her designs are driven by each client’s needs, and her specialty is listening and responding with unique solutions for high-end custom homes. Ms. Stiegler’s background in historic architecture has accorded her a deep knowledge of traditional design and classical proportions. This allows her to respond to her clients’ wants, needs and desires in various architectural styles, including both traditional and modern designs.

Planning a custom residential project of any scope is often a once in a lifetime event and there are many emotions wrapped up in creating the client’s ideal home. Ione R. Stiegler ensures that every home is a custom design that is perfectly tailored to the client.

IS Architecture’s design philosophy is grounded on the principles of assessing a client’s needs and creating extraordinary spaces which compliment and maximize the site or existing structures. Inherent in this philosophy is the combination of the highest quality product with exceptional client service. We approach each new project without preconceived notions: our designs are driven by each client’s needs, and our specialty is listening and responding with unique solutions.

IS Architecture’s architectural trademark is threefold. First is the manner in which we use materials and detail a project. Whether the project is a modern residence, a revival period residence or a Craftsman remodel, our consistent trademark is an attention to how materials are used and how they are joined together. By paying close attention to the manner in which a material is installed, an inexpensive material can assume an essence beyond its normal presence and an expensive material can be stunning. Second, our firm seeks to maximize the use of natural light where appropriate. Third, our firm is known for its ability to work with a wide variety of architectural styles. Often our projects are a blend of the best of current design thought with the ambiance of a historic residence.

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