There is something so easy and effortless about working with your best friend.

Together Erin and Kirsten work seamlessly designing beautiful space after beautiful space.  Five years ago they started working together with clients. Erin worked as a home decor seamstress for Kirsten's business, Kirsten Krason Interiors.

Last year the duo started taking on clients together and loved it so much they decided to start House of Jade Interiors. This business is a passion for both of them. They love being creative and coming up with original and sophisticated designs for their clients. Together they both appreciate mixing beautiful patterns and color infused with lots of white and clean lines. 


Kirsten has always had a love for beautiful things. She graduated in 2010 with a degree in Interior Design and started Kirsten Krason Interiors that same year. She is excited to now be working as a designer for House of Jade Interiors and can't wait to transform homes with her friend Erin. She writes the blog 6thstreetdesignschool.com, a home decor based blog where she shares great new products and tips for decorating your home. She loves color, color and more color and can never turn down navy blue in any form. Her style would best be described as modern transitional with lots of contrast and color.


To say Erin Morgan has an eye and passion for beautiful things would be an understatement! She was born to create amazing interiors. After graduating with a bachelors degree from the University of Utah she joined Kirsten's business as her home decor seamstress. She often assisted in picking color schemes and mixing patterns as well as ran her own successful sewing business. She worked with clients from all over the world.  When it came time to become Kirsten's business partner she was more than ready. She brings her great business sense, her drive and motivation and her ability to think outside of the box to House of Jade Interiors. She has a small obsession with brass details and chinoissiere elements and she always knows how to make a space feel perfectly eclectic. 

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