Eolo A&I Design is an Architecture and Interior design firm that serves Florida, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Word of mouth has been the main advertising tool for Eolo A&I Design for many years. We believe in listening closely to our clients and paying attention to details. Our architectural and interior design services are personalized and attentive to all our clients needs.

We are a firm servicing hi-end residential and commercial clients, as well as developers, and domestic and foreign investors. As part of our “boutique” minded one stop approach to service, we team up with selected realtors to provide a comprehensive service to our foreign investor clients.

Our services include Architecture, Interior Design, and Specialties like Shop Drawings, Furniture Design, paintings, carpets, or other custom items.

We understand not all of our clients know about the ins and outs of the constructive process which is sometimes complicated. It is a pleasure for Eolo A&I Design to help our clients get the picture of what they have in mind before the project is built. Our goal is to serve as a tool with which they realize their vision of their dreamed space. We use every graphic means available to communicate the team concepts, so what they see in the picture is very close to what they will really get.

One of our team’s priorities is the constant search for innovation. That is the reason we use technologically superior processes that allow our clients to visualize their finished space since Conceptual Design. Our Client-Architect and Clien/Interior Designer communication has been a key to our success. We hold LEED AP certifications to support our LEED Consulting services. Green building practices can substantially reduce or eliminate negative environmental impacts in a new construction, and in an existing building, they can improve unsustainable design, construction and operational costs.

Principal Architect of EOLO A&I Design, Sandra Diaz-Velasco emphasizes emotion, detail, and craftsmanship in her award-winning work. Uniting architecture, interior design, and artistry, and guided by a philosophy of constant renovation and environmental preservation, EOLO is highly sought-after for luxury projects in Florida and beyond.

Love for all forms of artistic expression, inspired by her grandfather’s passion for detail and craftsmanship, allowed Sandra to develop a talent for creating structures and spaces with a holistic approach and emotion-driven design dialect. Her attention to detail, dedication to sustainability, and emphasis on a multifaceted, multidisciplinary approach are deeply valued by her long list of satisfied clients.

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