Encircle Design and Build is a culmination of our life-long passion for creating and building in unique, artistic, and sustainable ways. There are so many new, different, and environmentally friendly ways to express an idea, and this is what Encircle is all about. We love to work with our hands and meet new people. We adore designing, building, people, and the environment- hence Encircle Design and Build.

Michelle Ruber has been working in the Green Building industry since 1997. As the Marketing Director at Ecohaus (then Environmental Building Supplies) and Green Building Specialist at YOLO Colorhouse. She comes with a vast understanding of how to use natural materials in artistic ways.

Klaas de Jonge was born in The Netherlands and trained as a chef. Going from cooking to building has many similarities; lots of hard work, which shows in the end with the details. One of the best advantages is his knowledge of how a kitchen should flow from all his years of being in them. He worked with Orange Design and Build as a carpenter in Portland.

What sets Encircle apart is our creative use of space and materials, allowing our clients to have a one of a kind remodel. We make communication our priority by being in constant contact with clear detailed outline of the project. We also honor our pricing, so unless there is a clear change order or unforeseen obstacle we charge you what we quoted you. We handle the many details of building with confidence and ease, making this process fun, exciting and stress free!

Encircle Design and Build

Encircle Design and Build

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