All great buildings, no matter the size, start with great design. Working in conjuction with Kelly Davis, acclaimed architect with SALA architects, we developed over the decades a style that is distinctive, graceful and wonderfully liveable. The reaction has been world-wide recognition for beauty and design at Canoe Bay. But we had a dream to bring that great architecure to everyone and after years of development, ESCAPE was born.  You'll note we are not about cute names, quirky designs and oddities. We're about refinement and style. 

But we’re not resting on our laurels.  Every day our design team is working on improving ESCAPE.  You might not notice the changes but we do. Our small homes feel big and that is a credit to the innovative layouts of our design team.  Every inch in ESCAPE is carefully planned so that you have the most beautiful and efficient space possible. Please keep checking our website for new and exciting ideas and floor plans.  As always, we welcome your input on the perfect ESCAPE!

Dan Dobrowolski

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