Christopher is well traveled. Each residential interior Christopher creates, draws inspiration from vast travel experiences, connections, and his knowledge of styles, textiles and antiques. In short, Christopher K.Coffin interiors are worldly.

Christopher has traveled throughout the world as part of the fashion and beauty industry. He received a degree in textile marketing from Kansas State University. He subsequently accepted a position with the British Unilever Corporation, becoming its vice president of worldwide communications. He worked in Rome, Paris, London, Spain, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and other major cities. Traveling for a multinational company expanded his horizons and introduced him to creativity from other parts of the world.

Encouraged by friends, including well-known Scottsdale designers such as Anne Gale, co-founder of Wiseman & Gale and Donna Vallone, principal of Vallone Design; Christopher opened his exterior & interior design studio in Phoenix, Arizona with much success. Since then, he has completed homes in Florida, Los Angeles, the Hampton’s, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, Arizona. His interior design work has also been acknowledged by the industry, having appeared in local and national publications.

A broad traditional look with contemporary flair best describes Christopher’s style. He incorporates antiques he has acquired through sources developed throughout the years.

Christopher Coffin

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