Growing up with an auctioneer for a father taught me that my interest in organization was interconnected with my interest in well-being: whether I was at a flea market or in the auction house in upstate New York, I had to be able to sort, arrange, and rearrange if I was going to be able to maneuver the world of antiques and vintage furniture. My father also taught me that everything has a story -- that pieces don’t just take up physical space, but that they mean something because of where they were found, when they were found, or whom they were passed down from. 

My formal education reflects my interest in both interior design and the wellness of the human body. After completing my degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, I moved on to study Residential Interiors at Boston Architectural College. This background has helped me to approach projects holistically, as I create or redesign spaces in a way that is attentive to the impact those spaces will have on the people living in them. I often use products that reflect this mission, whether that means sourcing items locally or integrating pieces with stories. Because I believe that our spaces can have a meaningful impact on our well-being, my design process often includes clearing out energies of the past and creating a functional space plan for the future. I frequently work with clients through transitions, and have found that mindfulness in design can be a source of harmony.

I currently work from my studio in Boston’s Fort Point Channel, where I collect and sell various vintage furnishings for clients, designers, and everyone in between. 

The name Galyean Vail derives from both my middle and last names. They represent heritage from both sides of my family, who were greatly influential in cultivating my passion for design. 

Barbara Vail

Contact Me
Galyean Vail
www.galyeanvail.com/ 369 Congress Street, Second Floor Boston, MA 02210

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