7 Whimsical Daybeds to Dream About

Create your own backyard escape with these whimsical daybed ideas. You'll never want to leave your enchanted yard again.

Magical Daydreaming

Make your backyard a magical place with a romantic, silk-draped bed. This regal, tall bed sits out in the open for Mother Nature’s perfect summer lullaby to whisk you away to dreamland.

Afternoon Getaway

Whether you want to snuggle with the one you love or play queen of the garden with the kids, a daybed like this makes for a great afternoon getaway. In the back edge of the garden-scape, you’ll get just the privacy you need.

Swinging Beauty

Add a colorful quilt and a few pillows to your daybed and you're set for an intriguing backyard. A bed like this creates the perfect mix between bed and hammock.

Nesting Napper

If an everyday bed isn't enough for your adventurous spirit, check out this nest of a bed. Between the trees, shrubs and bamboo structure, you might start feeling like you're a part of nature.

Urban Lawn Care

An outdoor daybed is possible even in the city. If you're a townie looking for cushioned grass for your afternoon naps or picnics, this grass-filled daybed might just be perfect.

Enclosed Sunbathing

Take a moment to soak up some sun without the annoyance of bugs. This enclosed sunroom has gorgeous windows and doors made from reclaimed antique pieces salvaged from old buildings. (Even your pets will want to make this their napping room.)

Almost Fantasy

Let the breeze take you away with the flowing drapes of this fantastical outdoor daybed. Design your own fantasy with graphic fabrics and dramatic height. Like a dream, it's an easy escape in your own backyard.

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