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7 Whimsical Daybeds to Dream About

Create your own backyard escape with these whimsical daybed ideas. You'll never want to leave your enchanted yard again.
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Magical Daydreaming

Make your backyard a magical place with a romantic, silk-draped bed. This regal, tall bed sits out in the open for Mother Nature’s perfect summer lullaby to whisk you away to dreamland.

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Afternoon Getaway

Whether you want to snuggle with the one you love or play queen of the garden with the kids, a daybed like this makes for a great afternoon getaway. In the back edge of the garden-scape, you’ll get just the privacy you need.

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Swinging Beauty

Add a colorful quilt and a few pillows to your daybed and you're set for an intriguing backyard. A bed like this creates the perfect mix between bed and hammock.

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Nesting Napper

If an everyday bed isn't enough for your adventurous spirit, check out this nest of a bed. Between the trees, shrubs and bamboo structure, you might start feeling like you're a part of nature.

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