Steep Terrain, Beautiful Makeover

Get ideas and inspiration for turning an impossible hillside into outdoor living space.
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Before: Previous attempts to get some usable space out of this very steep yard resulted in a cascading series of decks, which proved to be an unworkable solution.

After: A new retaining wall made possible a significant amount of play space for family games as well as a large patio for relaxing and entertaining.

Before: Next to the patio is a steep bank that ends at the property line.

After: Stone steps lead to a getaway gazebo at the top of the slope. Guests choosing to remain on the patio can enjoy the sight and sounds of a water feature.

Before: Step out the back door of this home, and you fall down a steep, rocky hillside.

After: A retaining wall and new deck offer plenty of room for guests to spread out and relax.

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