Create Outdoor Play Areas for Children

Transform your backyard into a recreational green space better than any playground.

Photo By: King Landscaping;

Photo By: King Landscaping;

Photo By: Kane Landscapes, a member of the National AssocIation of Landscape Professionals (NALP)

Photo By: King Landscaping;

Photo By: King Landscaping;

Photo By: Pearson Landscape Services;

Photo By: Pearson Landscape Services;

Photo By: King Landscaping;

Photo By: King Landscaping;

Photo By: King Landscaping;

Photo By: King Landscaping;

Photo By: King Landscaping;

Photo By: King Landscaping;

Child of Nature

Integrating natural components into an outdoor space where children can play and get in touch with their surroundings can be a simple or elaborate landscaping proposition depending on your property. This example by King Landscaping features a creek bed with river stones that can channel water through your yard while also serving as an idyllic zone for reflection and self-discovery.

Organic Seesaw

Children have active imaginations and can create their own form of play and art with nothing more than sticks, rocks, mud or other natural elements found in their outdoor landscape. Take, for example, this trio of kids who are entertaining themselves with something as simple as a tree log.

The Pond Experience

Swimming pools and other deep water features can pose a threat to the safety of unsupervised children but this mini rock quarry design from Kane Landscaping incorporates a waterfall and pond into the natural environment with an emphasis on shallow water. Despite appearances, the pond is only two to three inches deep and an ideal space to float boats, skim rocks or feed goldfish.

Young Swinger

A simply designed but well constructed tree swing is always a hit with children and can be easily added to any wooded play area such as this bucolic setting.

Incline Ladder

This clever and fun idea makes a steep incline in your yard more accessible. A connecting chain of wooden steps and a long rope allow you and your children to easily navigate a sloped section of your yard while providing exercise at the same time.

Stairway to Fun

A side view of the backyard playset reveals parallel stairs made of boulders which Pearson Landscape Sercvices states is particularly popular with the children who enjoyed climbing up and down on the natural rock. 

A Space of Their Own

This pleasing and practical design devotes a section of the backyard to a children’s playground and green space. While it gives them a sense of privacy, it is also accessible to the main house and situated so that parents can easily observe and monitor the playing children.

Up in the Trees

A favorite pastime for many children is playing outside in their own backyards, especially if they have a treehouse. It is a wonderful way to stimulate imaginations while giving kids an immersive experience in nature

Simple Upgrades for Your Yard

Adding a dry creek bed to your property has many benefits. It helps channel water runoff away from your yard but, as this example shows, also creates a small natural habitat for microscopic plant life, insects and amphibians which children can observe and experience first hand. It also adds additional visual interest to your landscape.

Kickback Corner

Some children can be entertained by something as simple as a hammock set up between two trees. This quiet corner of the yard is just the place for a nap or lazy down time from more physical exercise.

Romper Room

A wooded area, footpaths, tree stumps and logs and a rustic treehouse with slide provide a delightful natural setting for child’s play

Green Space Play Zone

Take advantage of the wild borders and green spaces of your yard by placing a children’s play station nearby so they can enjoy a sense of nature amid the more landscaped areas.

Hanging Out

Who wants a conventional swingset when you can create fun and individually customized parachute-like swings for your childrens’ amusement?

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