HGTVGardens Makes A Date with the Coolest Calendars of 2013

Best of the Barnyard

If all were right with the world, we'd spend all day in our gardens and hang up calendars of offices to remind us what they look like. But since that's not the case, check out these gorgeous garden-centric calendars that bring the outside in and add a little wow to your walls. Cluck the days away looking at Silkies, Sultans and even Polish Frizzles and let Extraordinary Chickens strut their stuff on your wall all year long. Abrams Books celebrates 10 years of fantastic fowl by offering a giant poster inside as well. $12.59 at Barnes and Noble. Image courtesy of Abrams

Out on a Limb

Before master carpenter Pete Nelson builds a treehouse, he asks the tree for permission and holds a ceremony to thank it. This calendar highlights 13 of his creations and the stories behind the builds. $13.99 at Image courtesy of Abrams

Ripe for the Picking

Ashleigh Coyner of Bleu Oiseau Photography took her camera to a friend's organic farm in Hood River, Oregon and created Dans le Jardin, a calendar full of red beets, blueberries, white snap beans and garlic scapes. It's printed on 100 percent recycled paper, and Coyner suggests trimming off the photo when the month is over and using it as a recipe card or notecard. $20. Image courtesy of Bleu Oiseau

Shhh...It's a Secret!

Every month of the Secret Garden wall calendar is a lush escape to a place where things are quiet, lush, green? and did we mention quiet? If you can't have serenity in your life, you can certainly have it hanging on your wall. $12.99 at Image courtesy of Calendars

Climate Control

No matter what zone you live in, the plump, fleshy leaves of echeveria will thrive all year long in this calendar, created by succulent expert and photojournalist Debra Lee Baldwin. $20.95. Image courtesy of Debra Lee Baldwin

Succ It Up

Southern California succulent expert and award-winning garden photojournalist Debra Lee Baldwin calls succulents "plants that drink responsibly" because they store water in their leaves. Succulents 2013 is a great gift for all the hens and chicks in your life. $20.95. Image courtesy of Debra Lee Baldwin

Partly Cloudy

Is it a fish? A flower? A number? A face? There's no wrong answer in the Cloud Spotting calendar, which is put together by the Cloud Appreciation Society. And aren't we all members in one way or another? $12.59 at Image courtesy of Harry Abrams

Eat Your Words

Landscape designer Jessica Suzanne Roundy puts her love of the outdoors and graphic design together in the Edible Garden calendar, which pairs a verb (plan, plant, sow, harvest) with a garden element (fruit, flowers, vegetables) so recipients know exactly what to do and when to do it. $15. Image courtesy of JSR. Design+Scape

Pick a Bunch!

Flowers are stunning on their own, but Liz Carver ups the ante with this beautifully designed calendar based on the birth flower for each month. $25. Image courtesy of Liz Carver Design

Merry and Bright!

In both bright and muted hues, flowers In the 2013 Floral Wall calendar by Liz Carver Design include daffodils, holly, honeysuckle and eye-popping poppy. $25. Image courtesy of Liz Carver Design

Moveable Feast

What's for dinner? Wheaton, Illinois-based designer Liz Carver has the answer every month in Yummy, a recipe wall calendar featuring recipes from her sister Andrea and brother-in-law, Tyler. Approximately 80 percent of the ingredients featured come straight from their garden. $25. Image courtesy of Liz Carver Design

Recipe for Success

Monthly recipes for Liz Carver's Yummy calendar include chocolate creme cookies, mango mojitos, soft ballpark pretzels, cornbread stuffing and this beautiful display for grilled pesto pizza. Exact measurements for ingredients and instructions are included on the back page of the calendar. $25. Image courtesy of Liz Carver Design

Perennial Favorite

The Missouri Botanical Garden calendar is a family album of the garden's many attractions including the Shaw Nature Reserve and Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House and is printed on 60 percent post-consumer recycled paper, with wind energy credits offsetting 100 pecent of the power used to print it. Image courtesy of Missouri Botanical Garden

Moon Landing

Let the moon guide you through the months with Los Angeles-based artist Jeremy Rendina's 2013 moon calendar. This hand silkscreened print measures 12" x 24" and is made with water-based ink and 100 percent post-consumer recycled pulp. $15. Image courtesy of Rendij Studios

One to Grow On

We cannot get enough of boutique stationer Rifle Paper Co.'s 2013 Garden calendar, which is month after month of adorable, colorful illustrations. The most irresistible part? The jute twine included for handy hanging. $16. Image courtesy of Rifle Paper Co.

Deck the Hauls!

The Garden calendar from Rifle Paper Co. brings the outside in with happy drawings of everything from wellies to wheelbarrows. $16. Image courtesy of Rifle Paper Co.

Flowers on the Wall

Printed deliciously thick cover stock, Snow and Graham's 2013 botanical calendar features beautifully designed allium, lilacs, garden roses and nine other illustrated plates. $32. Image courtesy of Snow and Graham

Nice Stems!

The beauty of Snow and Graham's 2013 botanical calendar won't end next December. The calendar portion can be cut off so each image can be framed. $32. Image courtesy of Snow and Graham


There's no place like gnome, especially in this calendar filled with papercraft illustrations by North Carolina artist Darcy Terry. Each illustration is created using cut paper that's scanned to created the calendar, which is hand-assembled to order. $26. Image courtesy of the Paper Gnome

Wing and a Prayer

Alight and delight upon every month of this calendar, full of Popular Admirals, Clearwings, Satyrs, Lacewings and Monarchs in migration. $12.99. Image courtesy of Workman

Petals to the Metal

The only thing missing from this page-a-day desktop calendar is the scent. Filled with images of flowers that have either been illustrated or photographed in nature or a studio, this is a gift that doesn't wilt after three days in a vase. $15.99. Image courtesy of Workman

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