16 Inspiring Curb Appeal Transformations

HGTV's Curb Appeal team comes to the rescue, taking these houses from yawn-some to awesome. See photos of dramatic makeovers and get inspired to spruce up your own home's exterior and landscaping.
By: Lauren Harris

Before: Bare Bones

This Spanish Colonial home was not lacking character, but it definitely fell short on charm. The plastic exterior lighting and absence of color were clearly not making good use of the home's strong architectural features.

After: Blooming Abode

Painting the house multiple colors creates an intriguing lighting effect while emphasizing the home's original Spanish style. Additional seating framing the large window and chevron tile accents throughout the front walkway create beautiful landscape scenery.

Before: Messy Manor

This house's lack of color and overgrown landscaping found it lost among a neighborhood of Oakland, Calif., homes. After hearing the family history behind the house, HGTV's Curb Appeal host and designer John Gidding was eager to enhance the home's grandeur.

After: Stately Style

The green paint color, wider window framing and bright red front door create a lively home entrance. Homeowners Melanie Mora and Kris Wong especially love the new portico, which adds more dramatic effect to the front door. Custom-made benches accessorize the front entrance for a comfortable place to enjoy the beautiful curb appeal.

Before: Dusty and Dull

Curb Appeal designer John Gidding was determined to create a style for this drab house. Crumbling brick stairs and a complete lack of landscaping were causing this home to be left in the dust – literally!

After: High-Style Hacienda

The contrasting brown hues and added trim help to define the front entry. Window moldings and splashes of color in the stair and flower bed tiles bring a sophisticated Spanish flair to the home's appearance.

Before: Boring in Beige

With Spanish architectural details on an otherwise bungalow-style home, this home exterior was suffering from an identity crisis.

After: Adorable Abode

Designer John Gidding married two very different architectural styles by adding colorful details to a beige home. Hand-painted tiles, a colorful stained-glass window and bold white trim work emphasize a Spanish eclectic home exterior.

Before: A Blank Slate

Often referred to as the "haunted house" of the block, this corner home served as a prime spot for Halloween gatherings. Designer John Gidding was determined to keep the integrity of the Queen Anne Victorian architecture while giving the home modern flair.

After: Beauty in Blue

Incorporating seven colors into the home's exterior, Gidding also personalized the landscaping with two pathways in the shape of the number five to symbolize the homeowners' five children.

Before: Unfortunate Fixer-Upper

This nearly 100-year-old home certainly looked its age. While the homeowners began many projects, none were finished, leaving Curb Appeal host John Gidding left to clean up this outdated home bogged down in dreary siding.

After: Cleaned-Up Craftsman

Adding a functional walkway from the driveway and replacing the wide siding columns with smaller, white columns on the porch give the house the lift it needed. Subtle touches of blue create a refreshing feel to keep this home feeling young at heart.

Before: Lackluster Landscape

After being passed down in the family, this home took a turn for the worse. Without color, style or any type of landscaping, designer John Gidding was ready to renovate this home to its original manicured state.

After: Georgian Gem

Curb Appeal: The Block designer John Gidding accented the classic Georgian architectural elements to update this California home. However, the blue exterior color adds a more modern touch fitting with the homeowners' style.

Before: Hillside Hovel

This home's monochromatic color scheme and dingy porch area made it look dated and tattered. Designer John Gidding was determined to add color and splendor to match the home's stunning hillside views.

After: Modern Marvel

John Gidding added a complete new facade with wood slat details to modernize the home exterior. A bright blue front door makes the entryway pop to separate it from the large, functional front porch area.

Before: Bright Blunder

More color isn't always the key to beautiful curb appeal. Commonly known as the "lemon house," this bright yellow home was certainly an eyesore. The only lemon that designer John Gidding was willing to keep was the lemon tree in the front yard.

After: Craftsman Keeper

This home is full of Craftsman charm with the addition of cedar shaker shingles and new color definition. John Gidding even enlisted the homeowner's help in crafting the new metal railing, which adds a personalized touch to the extended porch space.

Before: Juniper Jungle

Juniper plant overgrowth and a steep, small front staircase create a dysfunctional front yard at this California home.

After: Tidy Turnaround

After installing multiple retaining walls, HGTV's Curb Appeal team created a colorfully landscaped front yard accented by flower boxes beneath the front window and a bright red front door with a stained-glass insert. The new staircase provides more space around the front door, creating a more graceful entryway.

Before: Alameda Eyesore

While the town of Alameda, Calif., is known for its historic Victorian homes, this is one house they aren't proud to show off. The dirty exterior and skimpy stair railing makes this home appear neglected.

After: Victorian Gem

An array of bold colors and detailed trim work emphasize the home's Victorian style. The contrasting bright white trim and sturdy wooden stair railing also help restore this home to its original Victorian charm.

Before: Barren Box

When medical issues took precedence, this home's curb appeal was left to fend for itself. Designer John Gidding was eager to renovate this bland and boring home exterior with a big dose of architectural style.

After: Contemporary Cool

Architectural elements with brick give this house eye-catching drama. A solid front door, geometric stone pathway and large window framing emphasize the contemporary style.

Before: Downhill Dilemma

Right on the city line between Richmond and El Cerrito, Calif., this home certainly did not bring a warm welcome. This was a difficult task for HGTV's Curb Appeal because the house actually sits lower than the road in front.

After: Pretty Patio

With a larger porch area, the front of the home appears more fluid. A curved brick wall flows right along a pathway that meets the sidewalk to create inviting curb appeal.

Before: Dated Dwelling

This midcentury modern home was stuck in the 1960s with bland colors, overgrown bushes and outdated iron railings.

After: Funky Fresh

Adding a large deck space made a more effective use of the front yard, while bold orange and blue colors accent the front door to create a welcoming entry. HGTV's Curb Appeal designer, John Gidding, even added a small sandbox to the deck as a creative area for the homeowner's children to play, which can later function as a garden space.

Before: Color Curtail

While this home is architecturally sound, the monochromatic color scheme does not showcase its original architectural details.

After: Functional Fantasy

Adding red color to the window framing exposes the beautiful architectural features of the house. A stone wall serves as a retaining wall, which helps to effectively frame the brick walkway and grassy lawn.

Before: Crumbling Cottage

Forced to spend their time and money fixing the interior, the homeowners had little left to use outside. The pipe railing and baby blue color did not accent the Craftsman architecture of this home.

After: Sophisticated Showstopper

By opening up the porch space with a new railing and series of step landings as the pathway to the front door, the Curb Appeal team created a much more spacious and inviting entryway. Painting the home brown with darker brown trim creates a more sophisticated appearance true to the Craftsman style.

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