10 Great Garden Carts

Find the perfect garden cart or wheelbarrow with the features you need to get the job done.
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Photo By: Image courtesy of Gardener's Supply Company

Photo By: Image courtesy of AMES

Photo By: Image courtesy of AMES

Photo By: Image courtesy of Home Depot

Photo By: Image courtesy of Home Depot

Photo By: Image courtesy of AMES

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ames

Photo By: Image courtesy of Craftsman

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ace Hardware

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ace Hardware

Photo By: Image courtesy of Lowe's

One Tough Cart

The Poly-Tough Cart from Gardener's Supply Company features a handle long enough to save your back. Its relatively lightweight design also allows the cart to be pushed or pulled. Large, center-mounted wheels and metal "kick stands" make navigating this handy cart easy peasy. Heavy loads can be "scooped" up when the cart is tipped, one of the many subtle but important design features in this top-notch cart. Rating: ****

Supply Cart

Looking for the Sofia Vergara of garden carts for dad? Look no further than this gorgeous lass with a strong work ethic  to go with her beauty. The Gardener's Supply Cart from Gardener's Supply Company makes any gardener feel like a pro with its hauling capacity of up to 400 lbs. The flat bottom means you can haul a host of pots and other items that might tip in a conventional cart or wheelbrrow. Rating: ***

Total Control Cart

Ergonomics play a big part in cart and wheelbarrow design and this well-designed The AMES Total Control Cart is a cross between a wheelbarrow and a cart. The cart maintains a low center of gravity and makes even heavy loads a breeze with high handles you won't need to reach for. Using this cart is remarkably easy and will make even the most difficult garden chores a pleasure. Rating: *****

Control Freak

Looking for an easy-to-push cart? The Ames Total Control Cart's bicycle-style wheels roll over nearly any impediment. This cart's low profile makes using it, even with large loads, a breeze.

Maid To Order

Have something epic to move around your yard? Say a pile of bricks that would make even the most resolute soul weep? You're going to need this definitely-up-to-the-task Rubbermaid cart from Home Depot. Beyond tough, this tough-as-nails cart has massive hauling capacity in its 7.5 cu bin. Its low profile means even the heaviest loads aren't going to easily topple. Rating: ****

Steel Wheels

A steel wheelbarrow will stand the test of time and this True Temper 6 cu model has hauling capacity on top of its durability. The Mack Truck of wheelbarrows, the weight of this garden workhorse may not be ideal for the lady of the house: you'll need a bit of muscle to operate. But if you are looking for a real long-term investment and incredible durability, this could be your guy. Rating: ****

Roly Poly

The 6 cubic foot True Temper Total Control 6 cu Poly Wheelbarrow is a nose to the grindstone hard worker. Because it's plastic, it handles a little easier than a steel barrow. A deep bucket and easy to grip handles make this a solid, economical choice. Rating: ***

Man Power

A classic one wheel wheelbarrow, this True Temper poly wheelbarrow with Total Control handles means you'll never lose your grip.

On the Wagon

This Craftsman RealBarrow Cart/Work wagon has a great design going for it: a cool little shelf where you can rest tools or a drink and fun red-on-black styling. We liked the way this cart handled until a shovel plunged inside to remove dirt punched right through the bottom. Use this wagon with caution, knowing that it can't take rough treatment and is probably best used for lighter jobs. Rating: **

Gorilla Cart

Ace Hardware offers a Gorilla Cart built to tackle a variety of garden chores. Four pneumatic tires offer great balance and the ability to traverse all kinds of uneven, bumpy terrain. This handy cart is the grown-up version of the little red wagon you loved as a kid. Rating: ****

Industrial Strength

To road test this cart, we first had to get past some assembly instructions that might have challenged even an MIT grad.  Too bad, because this 750 lb. capacity cart from Ace Hardware, is as solid as they come, built for both home garden and farm applications. Rating: *** (with proper assembly). Real-Life Rating: **

Flat-Free Cart

This classic steel Kobalt wheelbarrow features a tire that never goes flat and a solid steel tub that will stand up to heavy use. This tough wheelbarrow at a decent price point is also surprisingly light to maneuver, a nice plus when it comes to storage.

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