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14 Plants for Desert Gardens

These desert plants are (almost) carefree additions to gardens and homes.

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Photo: Courtesy Costa Farms

Mixed Border

A mix of cacti and succulents with varied leaf colors and markings, and in varied shapes and silhouettes, makes a visually interesting focal point. This flowering desert rose has a thick, bonsai-like trunk that helps it hold water during periods of drought.

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Photo: Photo courtesy of Costa Farms

Succulents and Cacti

Succulents are trending, and along with cacti, gardeners are using these easy-to-grow desert plants in their landscapes and homes. These agaves come in many colors and range from small to large in size. Kalanchoes, also called flapjacks, have wide, oval leaves that offer color and interest even when the plants aren't blooming.

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Photo: Courtesy Campania International

Water-Wise Sedums and Succulents

For a dramatic accent piece, or to add architectural interest to your landscape, plant a variety of succulents and sedums. They need little water and can take the heat. The bold greens and reds of these plants make a pleasing contrast to a Terra Nova dish by Campania.

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Photo: Courtesy Nick McCullough

Desert Plants Container

This low-maintenance, drought-tolerant container is filled with desert plants that include prairie dropseed grass, flapjacks (<i>Kalanchoe thyrsiflora</i>), lemon thyme, 'Echeveria 'Lola', miniature Jade plants and princess pine.

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