Tall Plants for Shade

Try these tall plants in shady areas of your garden or landscape.

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Japanese Maple

The deciduous Japanese maple has many cultivars, all grown for their spring leaves, attractive summer shape, and fall colors. Protect from cold winds and late frost. The slow-growing, mound-forming var. dissectum has finely divided leaves. Average height: 4 feet;  spread: 6 feet.

Japanese Laurel

Evergreen spotted laurel makes a rounded shrub with shiny leaves and mid-spring reddish purple flowers; females carry red fall berries. Forms include self-fruiting 'Rozannie' and gold-splashed 'Variegata'. Water well and give liquid fertilizer in summer. Average height: 6 feet; spread: 6 feet.

Camellia Japonica

Species and cultivars flower in early spring, in shades of red, pink, and white. A superb evergreen shrub for a large pot filled with ericaceous soil and given protection from cold winds and early morning sun. Prune lightly for shape after flowering. Average height: up to 6 feet; spread: up to 4 feet.

Camellia x williamsii

Camellia x williamsii is an evergreen shrub or tree with thick leathery leaves. The cupped semi double blooms are spectacular. Flowering begins in late February in a continuous series into May in cool, sunny spring conditions.

Evergreen Loquat

Evergreen loquat is a great foliage shrub (or small tree) with striking, leathery leaves reaching up to 12 inches long. After a long, hot summer it produces hawthornlike white flowers, opening in fall from woolly buds. Provide sun and shelter. Average height: 6 feet; spread: 6-10 feet.

Fountain Bamboo

Fountain bamboo makes a tight clump of purple-green stems that arch gently. An open position is best; avoid deep shade. Use a straight-sided pot filled with a mix of soil, peat-based mix, and composted bark. Water well and fertilize in summer. Average height: 10 feet; spread: 3 feet.

x Fatshedera lizei

This plant is a cross between ivy and fatsia and has large, glossy, dark green leaves. It can climb like ivy but does not cling as well and would need to be tied to a support.

Perennial Ginger

One of the tallest perennial ginger lilies, it comes from the Himalayas and makes a real impact. It has long, glossy, pointed leaves and, at the end of summer, packed clusters of tiny orange or yellow flowers with a superb scent. 

Holboellia coriacea

An exceptional, underrated evergreen climber, making strong growth with richly scented spring flowers (the males are mauve, the females greenish white). Provide a sheltered site in light shade or full sun, and wall wires to support the growth.

Calico Bush

The calico bush is a dense shrub with shell-pink flowers opening from crimped buds, from late spring. The best forms include 'Freckles' with pink flowers and a spotted rim, and 'Pink Charm'. Grow in ericaceous soil; trim lightly after flowering for shape. Average height: 5 feet; spread: 5 feet.

Burkwood Osmanthus

A top choice for the scented garden, this evergreen rounded shrub has a liberal covering of tubular white flowers in mid- and late spring. Shiny leathery leaves enliven the show all summer. Water well over summer, giving a monthly liquid fertilizer. Average height: 5 feet; spread: 5 feet.

Taxus Baccata

Good for topiary, evergreen yew can be cut into geometric forms. 'Standishii' is a good cultivar for a pot; at 4 feet high and 24 inches wide, it makes a golden yellow column. Trim for shape in late summer. Berries are produced on female plants. Average height: 8 feet; spread: 4 feet.

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