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Moving On Up: Climbing Plants

These tenacious climbers use various methods to creep, scrambling over their supports to get to the best light.

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Photo: iStock/Francesco Cantone

Ivy Heartiness

This variety of ivy is extremely fast growing with triangular, dark-green leaves that will grow almost anywhere.

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Photo: iStock/Francesco Cantone

Wisteria Helps Create Magical Walkway

Pergolas and arches have long been used in garden designs providing strong vertical elements in a garden. They help to frame openings and provide welcome shade for walkways or benches. They are usually covered with climbing plants.

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Photo: iStock/suzyco

Clematis Produces Glowing Bloom

The pink and red petals of the clematis give a glowing look to these striking blooms.

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Photo: iStock/JodiJacobson

Thorny Climber

Hookers, as on roses and brambles, use the thorns along their stems to hoist themselves up over their support.

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