Moving On Up: Climbing Plants

These tenacious climbers use various methods to creep, scrambling over their supports to get to the best light.

Photo By: iStock/Francesco Cantone

Photo By: iStock/Francesco Cantone

Photo By: iStock/suzyco

Photo By: iStock/JodiJacobson

Photo By: iStock/AnnekeDeBlok

Photo By: iStock/Ekely

Ivy Heartiness

This variety of ivy is extremely fast growing with triangular, dark-green leaves that will grow almost anywhere.

Wisteria Helps Create Magical Walkway

Pergolas and arches have long been used in garden designs providing strong vertical elements in a garden. They help to frame openings and provide welcome shade for walkways or benches. They are usually covered with climbing plants.

Clematis Produces Glowing Bloom

The pink and red petals of the clematis give a glowing look to these striking blooms.

Thorny Climber

Hookers, as on roses and brambles, use the thorns along their stems to hoist themselves up over their support.


Honeysuckle and wisteria wind around their supports, and can be trained along wires or up posts.

Stunning Wisteria

Wisteria dripping with scented flowers is a stunning sight in spring, but remember that it is very vigorous, needs strong support, and must be pruned.

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