Fast Company: 8 Vigorous Vines

Want to cover a pergola or fence quickly? Try one of these fast-paced vines.
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Akebia Quinata Chocolate Vine Climber for Shade

Chocolate vine is a vigorous ground cover as well as a robust twining vine. Unusual dangling flowers are dark purple have a spicy fragrance and are striking against its graceful blue-green foliage.

Star Jasmine Fragrant Climber for Shade

A beautiful evergreen vine, Star Jasmine is prized for its very fragrant, star shaped white flowers. This vine can be used as a fast growing groundcover, as well as trained on posts, walls or trellises.

Wisteria Sinensis Produces Scented Flower Chains

Wisteria sinensis is a twining deciduous vinewith large, drooping racemes of purple blue, fragrant flowers. This tough woody vine often climbs high into tree canopy when grown in mild winter climates. It can become quite large.

Vitis Vinifera Vigorous Climbing Grape

Vitis vinifera, Purpurea, is good vine for colorful fall foliage. This woody deciduous climber has graceful purple leaves which turn red in autumn for a fiery foliage display. Vines bears clusters of tiny, edible blue black grapes.

Etoile Violette Produces Masses of Purple Flowers

Clematis, Etoile Violette, is deciduous, small flowering, climbing clematis vine which typically grows 10 to 12 feet and features deep purple flowers with conspicuous tufts of golden stamens. Sepals are blunt tipped. Profuse summer bloom.

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory Good Choice for Arbor

A morning glory, such as Ipomoea, Heavenly Blue, has a superb flower display from summer to fall. It will twine over an arch or pergola.

Virginia Creeper is Vigorous Climber for Sun

Frequently confused with Poison Ivy, Virginia Creeper has five leaves and its leaves have teeth. Very fast growing, this vine can grow up a tree trunks, walls, or stand alone. In fall, leaves turn a deep red.

Fast Growing Golden Hops Covers Simple Arbor

Fast growing golden hops covers a simple arbor quickly and brightens that corner of the garden.

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