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14 Vertical Plants to Add Garden Drama

Unless your border includes shrubs, annuals and perennials can make it appear low and squat. One way to give your border height is to incorporate plants that are spiky. Here are a few annuals and perennials to consider.

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Foxgloves are neither annuals nor perennials but biennials, meaning it take two years for them to produce their blooms. Known for their spikes of tube-like flowers, they bloom in purple, pink, white and yellow.

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Photo: Image courtesy of Dowdeswell's Delphiniums Ltd.


A staple of English country gardens, delphiniums are perennials that can tower more than 10 feet tall with spikes of blue, purple, pink or white flowers.

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A favorite for their stiff, erect flower spikes of one to four feet tall, lupines have flowers that are similar to sweet peas and grow in large, crowded racemes of deep blue, purple, yellow, pink or white. 

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Reaching up to 9 feet tall and offering a wide variety of bloom color, hollyhocks are easy to grow from seed. Most hollyhocks are biennials, that is, they grow only foliage the first year, flower the second, and die that fall.

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