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15 Succulents Worth Knowing

Discover drought-tolerant, low-maintenance succulents with eye-catching good looks.

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Photo: Photo courtesy of Proven Winners

Grow Succulents

Few plants boast the effortless beauty of succulents. These amazing plants have no-fuss personalities that thrive with sun, low water and heat. Learn about some succulents that have earned rave reviews from professional growers and even a few awards. Others in this group have stood the test of time—they're heirloom plants you should try growing.

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Photo: Photo courtesy of SunSparkler Sedums

‘Blue Elf’ Sedoro

Sedoro is a completely new plant group created by crossing Sedum and Orostachys. The resulting plant makes a fabulous ground cover with steel blue leaves. Pink flowers appear in late summer to early fall, completely obscuring leaves. Plants are 6 inches tall. Use along border edges or in rock gardens. You’ll get the greatest impact when you plant several together. Hardy in Zones 4 to 9.

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Photo: Photo courtesy of Monrovia

Painted Echeveria

Colorful and cute, painted echeveria (Echeveria nodulosa) is a Mexican native, where it grows on limestone hills. Green leaves contrast artfully with red midribs and edges. Hardy in Zones 9 to 11, painted echeveria is drought tolerant in the landscape once it’s established. It also adapts well to container culture. Indoors, it needs bright light to develop full leaf coloring.

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Mexican Succulent

Plush plant (Echeveria pulvinata) is a Mexican succulent forming rosettes of fleshy, slightly hairy, green-gray leaves with red tips.

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