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15 RV Interiors That Will Inspire You to Hit the Road

From deluxe adventure basecamps to mobile luxury living, these motor coaches and trailers cater to every lifestyle.

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Photo: Amanda Powell

Creativity and Comfort On the Road

As interest in RVing increases, many curious customers are discovering the charm and creativity that goes into making the most of limited space. Clever design can make small spaces seem like plush homes for the whole family. These 15 ingenious designs show what is possible in the world of motor coaches and camping trailers.

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Photo: Bowlus

Bowlus Road Chief Endless Highways Performance

With its sleek aluminum exterior and retro interior, the Bowlus Road Chief may feel more like a private jet than a trailer. The Endless Highways Performance Edition features skylights and windows for plenty of natural light, and heated floors to keep you comfortable year-round. Customers can customize their trailer with more than 56 million possible interior combinations.

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Photo: TAXA Outdoors

TAXA Outdoors Mantis

Designed by former NASA space architect Garrett Finney, TAXA Outdoor’s Mantis trailer sleeps four adults in its 105-square-foot interior that also includes a galley kitchen, queen-sized bed, two bunk beds, sitting area for six people, dinette, pop-up roof for plenty of head clearance, 20-gallon water tank with hot water for the sink and even a bathroom with shower and cassette toilet. At 19-feet long, the Mantis can be towed by many passenger vehicles.

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Photo: @hopscotchtheglobe

Luxurious Amenities

Kristen and Siya’s bathroom is quite unlike anything you’d expect to find in such a tiny home. Since this is their primary living space, they splurged on making every corner as beautiful as possible. The bathroom door is on a sliding track to minimize floor space needed around it, and a plexiglas window in the shower allows in more natural light. “From the outside, it’s an iconic, retro silver Airstream, but it’s so customized inside that it doesn’t look like an RV,” Siya says. “We wanted it to be an almost spa-like experience in our bathroom… We took Moroccan tile and different elements of our travels and what we like into the washroom, because we like to have nice showers. If you have a beautiful shower in a washroom, that’s something people remember.”

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