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20 Must-Eat Foods From Around the World

Traveling around the world this year? Make sure to try these iconic foods in their countries of origin.

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International Foods

Skip the fast food outlets and big chain restaurants when you're traveling. Instead, sample the local cuisine. That's one of the best ways to learn about — and enjoy — a different culture and destination.

We've put together a list of don't-miss foods, recipes and eateries to try in countries that range from Austria to Vietnam. Check each restaurant's website before you go to verify the days and times it's open, and be sure it's not subject to COVID-19 closures or restrictions. Bon appetit.

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Australia: Meat Pie

Australians sure do love their meat pies — they consume millions of these savory pies every year, taking them on the go or enjoying them at cafes. Eat Australian meat pie like the locals do, by topping it with warm or chilled tomato sauce. This recipe from Food Network makes two 8-inch meat pies.

Order it here: Whittlesea Bakehouse, Whittlesea VIC, Austria

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Austria: Applestrudel

Apfelstrudel or Viennese apple strudel is a close cousin to classic American apple pie. Tart apples are paired with sweet pastry dough for a delicious combination. Austrians love eating it with their afternoon coffee. Learn how to make it here.

Order it here: Cafe Mozart, Vienna, Austria

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Belgium: Moules Frites

Mussels and fries are as common in Belgium as burgers and fries are in the US. Try it by ordering plain or steamed mussels in a simple sauce and add extra flavor with curry powder or another seasoning. Use this recipe to sautee mussels in white wine and garlic sauce and add a big side of crispy fries (put the mayo on the side).

Order it here: Le Zinneke, Schaarbeek, Belgium

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