15 Warm-Weather Homes Where Winter Is Just a Dream

It's the doldrums of winter. The excitement of the holidays has passed leaving us to confront a long slog of short days, nasty weather and loads of time spent indoors. What better way to pass that time than daydreaming about living somewhere warm, tropical and full of sunshine. Take a little mental vacation with us as we check out 15 of the world's dreamiest warm-weather homes.

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British Virgin Islands, Be Mine

I'm not gonna lie: If I had to stop this tour of tropical homes right here at the first one, I wouldn't be all that mad. Imagine sipping a fruity cocktail on your deck as the sun sets over the tourquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Not bad, right? Excuse me while I put on another scarf.

California Dreamin' About This Place

California gets a bad rap from the rest of the country, but it's probably because the rest of us are just jealous that Californians can live with views like this on the regular. If it's a prefect day, you just have to open up your wall of windows and let the ocean breeze in. When it gets a little chilly, close them and you still have your views of La Selva Beach, CA. I'm weeping just a little.

Dominican Republic Stunner

My first concern when looking at this D.R. beauty is how dirty my snow boots are and what I will do with them before crossing that marble walkway. But silly me, obviously I will throw them away at the airport and slip on beach-appropriate sandals. My second thought: Get me in the pool that is clearly hiding behind the fence RN!

A Genteel Georgia Peach

Maybe you recognize this sitting room from 2017's HGTV Dream Home in St. Simon's Island, Georgia. Maybe you dreamt about it, like I did. Well, you and I didn't win. But if we did, we could be sitting here right now as warm, peach-scented winds blew through the open window.

Head to a Greek Island, Never Come Back

I have a friend who ended up on a Greek island at the tail end of a vacation and never came back. OK, she came back after five years, but I wouldn't have blamed her for staying if her island looked anything like this spot on Mykonos. An aqua-colored pool with perfect Greek blue and white surrounding it is hard to beat.

Beat Winter Blues in This Bungalow

The past few warm-weather adobes may be beyond any mere mortal's budget but this sweet Florida stunner that was featured in HGTV Magazine? She seems like she could be mine. Or yours! A small plot of land where everything you plant magically grows despite your black thumb, an adorable picket fence surrounding it and a generous front porch from which to sip your sweet teas? It's a done deal.

Need Your Own Little Villa? Here You Go

You know what a chilly winter day is like in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? It's 75-degrees. Let that sink in a minute. Maybe it won't be quite warm enough to go for a dip in your sleek infinity pool every day in Malaysia, but you will hop in anyway because you remember what it was like to wear two pairs of pants at once because it was so cold out.

Beyonce's Hawaiian Vacation Rental

If it's good enough for Beyoncé, it's good enough for you and me. This insanely gorgeous house in Kailua, Hawaii has glass pocket doors that disappear completely into the walls. You know when you think about indoor-outdoor living and you imagine a nice deck with a slider off the kitchen? Well you're dreaming wrong! This is what it truly means to live the indoor-outdoor lifestyle. My tears fill the koi pond.

Go to Costa Rica, Never Need Gloves Again

When I play out my winter escape fantasies, I often end up in Costa Rica eeking out a peaceful, warm living by selling juices under a thatched-roof hut on the beach. Granted, I probably couldn't afford an inside-outside pool (!!!) on a juicer's wages, but anything is possible in Costa Rica where winter clothes are never, ever needed.

Fire Pits, Salt Water and Sunsets, Oh My

Shhhhhh! Do you hear that? Those are tropical birds lulling you into a deep and everlasting sense of relief that you will never need to shovel snow ever again. They're calling to you from your spot next to your 50-foot salt water pool (which also has a waterfall) in Princeville, Kauai.

Don't Even Need the House, Really

Surely this pool in the Virgin Islands comes with a house, but honestly, who cares? You can watch the ocean waves break from your pool. You can languidly wonder if you'll make it down to the beach today. You can have distant tickles of a memory about icy winds causing temperatures below zero. Yeah, there's probably a house back there somewhere.

Your Balinese-Inspired Deck Awaits

When you fantasize about tropical living, a house like this one in Tortola is probably what you had in mind. Gentle waves are lapping right up to your property while you snuggle next to your firepit. If you fall asleep in the hammock chair, I can't blame you.

Infinity Pool Beats, Well, Everything

There's a reason that infinity pools are the stuff of dreams. When you're taking your morning dip and poking your head just out of the water, the edge of your pool blends right in to Kalihiwai Bay beyond. If you're going to live Hawaii-style, this is how you want to do it. Added bonus: a stream and waterfall and a second floor deck that gives views for days.

Have Your Fancy Party Clothes Ready

If you live in a house as elegent and glamorous as this one in Corona del Mar, California, you are required to have fancy parties with strappy-heeled guests and clinking party glasses. Year-round warm evenings make it the rule. We're all waiting for our invitations.

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Key West Is Made for Margaritas

Rounding out this list of perfect places to live out your warm-weather dreams is this Key West beauty. Head as far south as you can go on the East Coast of the U.S. and don't stop until you reach this front porch. You may hear the ghost of Hemingway flit by, and maybe some wild chickens clucking down the street. As you wrap your hand around your frosty margarita, your past life as a cold-weather inhabitant fades into a distant memory.

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