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15 Warm-Weather Homes Where Winter Is Just a Dream

It's the doldrums of winter. The excitement of the holidays has passed leaving us to confront a long slog of short days, nasty weather and loads of time spent indoors. What better way to pass that time than daydreaming about living somewhere warm, tropical and full of sunshine. Take a little mental vacation with us as we check out 15 of the world's dreamiest warm-weather homes.

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Photo: Smiths Gore Limited, a member of Luxury Portfolio International. From: Smiths Gore Limited.

British Virgin Islands, Be Mine

I'm not gonna lie: If I had to stop this tour of tropical homes right here at the first one, I wouldn't be all that mad. Imagine sipping a fruity cocktail on your deck as the sun sets over the tourquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Not bad, right? Excuse me while I put on another scarf.

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Photo: Bailey Properties, a member of Luxury Portfolio International. From: Bailey Properties.

California Dreamin' About This Place

California gets a bad rap from the rest of the country, but it's probably because the rest of us are just jealous that Californians can live with views like this on the regular. If it's a prefect day, you just have to open up your wall of windows and let the ocean breeze in. When it gets a little chilly, close them and you still have your views of La Selva Beach, CA. I'm weeping just a little.

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Photo: Grupo Actua Properties, a member of Luxury Portfolio International. From: Grupo Actua Properties.

Dominican Republic Stunner

My first concern when looking at this D.R. beauty is how dirty my snow boots are and what I will do with them before crossing that marble walkway. But silly me, obviously I will throw them away at the airport and slip on beach-appropriate sandals. My second thought: Get me in the pool that is clearly hiding behind the fence RN!

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Photo: Photographer: Christina Wedge. From: Brian Patrick Flynn.

A Genteel Georgia Peach

Maybe you recognize this sitting room from 2017's HGTV Dream Home in St. Simon's Island, Georgia. Maybe you dreamt about it, like I did. Well, you and I didn't win. But if we did, we could be sitting here right now as warm, peach-scented winds blew through the open window.

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