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The 20 Best Suburbs Across the Country for People Tired of City Living

Sick of the noise and prices of the big city? We'll help you investigate the suburbs across America that provide the best quality of life and the kind of amenities that will make you happy you made the big move.

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The Hottest Suburbs Across America

Though city living has its perks, living in a suburban neighborhood has plenty of advantages, too. Suburban neighborhoods often offer residents more indoor and outdoor space and, in many instances, a lower cost of living. And living in the suburbs doesn't mean giving up the restaurant and entertainment options that big cities offer. In fact, many suburban neighborhoods have top-notch entertainment, seasonal festivals and enriching theater programs. With the help of the real estate experts at Suburban Jungle, we’ve rounded up a list of some of the hottest suburbs across America.

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Chappaqua, New York

Located about 30 miles north of New York City, Chappaqua is filled with parks and trails and has a picturesque, walkable downtown area. “Chappaqua is a beautiful turn-of-the-century town. Its proximity to Manhattan means less than an hour commute, and it’s also home to some of the best schools in the country,” says Robin Hoberman, Suburban Jungle New York strategist. The town offers a tight-knit community just shy of 3,000 residents — many of Chappaqua’s residents know each other and gather for seasonal festivals and weekend farmers markets.

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Larchmont, New York

Another fantastic suburb outside of New York City, Larchmont is set on the beautiful waterfront of Long Island Sound. In Larchmont, life happens on the water, and locals enjoy a wide range of activities like boating, paddleboarding and kayaking. The area is a mix of long-time residents and commuters, since the town is only 30 minutes away from Manhattan. Eleanor Johnson, Suburban Jungle New York strategist says, “Larchmont features enough shopping and activities for families to not have to feel like they need to go to the city for entertainment.”

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Summit, New Jersey

“Summit, New Jersey, is one of the most sought-after communities in New Jersey, which has become increasingly popular with Manhattan commuters over the last two decades,” says Allison Levine, Suburban Jungle New York strategist. Ideal for families or young professionals, Summit offers a vibrant downtown area with restaurants, cafes and shops. And for outdoor enthusiasts, the 30-acre Briant Park and 70-acre Hidden Valley Park are both great for hiking and biking.

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