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Easy Crafts: Make Your Own Easter Basket Garden Animals

Children will love creating cute Easter bunnies, chicks and lambs by following these simple directions.

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Easter Basket Animals

Include cute spring critters in your Easter baskets this year by making your own mini stuffed animals! A circle, triangle and rectangle are easy to transform into a chick, bunny and sheep! All you need is felt or other fabric, scissors and fabric glue or a needle and thread.

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Supplies for a Chick

To create an Easter chick all you need are two circles and a diamond. You can cut out perfect circles easily by tracing a drinking glass or other round household item. The circles will become the body of your chick and the diamond will be the beak.

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Creating your Chicks

Fold the diamond in half to create your chick's beak. Glue or stitch along the fold to attach the beak to the circle. You can add eyes to your chick with a couple of beads and if you want to give the chick a little more personality you can attach a few feather shapes cut from felt.

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Shapes for Sheep

Create a friendly sheep with a couple of rounded rectangles. Trace a credit card to get the rectangle perfect and if you want to get fancy cut it out with scalloped scissors to give that extra fluffy feel. Cut four skinny rectangles for the legs, a rounded triangle for the head and two leaf shapes for the ears.

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