12 Funny Pumpkin Ideas

These hilarious pumpkin ideas are sure to scare up a couple laughs.

Photo By: Image courtesy of the New York Botanical Garden/Photo by Victor Chu

Photo By: Image courtesy of Layla Palmer


We find Drew Scott's pumpkin clone just as charming as the "Property Brothers" host himself.

The Bully

"I should have stayed home today."

Vampire Pumpkin

This pint-sized vampire pumpkin is made with a pair of glowing fangs and push pins. See our quick how-to.


Two bolts hammered in with a rubber mallet make this Frankenstein-inspired pumpkin come to life.

Country Pumpkin

This pumpkin is ready to relax after a long day on the farm.

Eye See You

Googly eyes make the perfect pumpkin peepers.

Pumpkin Family

Scary pumpkins are featured every year at the New York Botanical Garden during the Giant Pumpkin Carving Weekend.

Be Careful, Kids

Leave this poor, poor pumpkin on your doorstep as a reminder that there is such a thing as too much candy.

Baby Boos

These tiny ghouls are made with the pumpkin variety called 'Baby Boo'.

The Hipster

"Jack-o'-lanterns are so last fall."

Pumpkin Cat

Two pumpkins painted in glossy black, rhinestones and a little felt combine to make this sassy kitty. Image courtesy of Share My Craft user lopacki


These pumpkins have their eyes on you. Try making your own easy peekaboo pumpkin centerpiece with steps from HGTV.com.

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