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11 Top High-Fiber Foods According to Experts

May 10, 2021

We asked a handful of nutrition experts which high-fiber foods they recommend you start eating more of, stat. Here are their top picks.

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Why Do You Need Fiber?

Fiber isn’t sexy, but it’s important. We need it in order to keep our digestive systems running smoothly. If you don’t get enough of it, you may feel constipated. It can also help control cholesterol, says Dr. Jinan Banna, a registered dietitian and a professor of nursing at the University of Hawaii. We asked Dr. Banna and a couple of other experts for their suggestions for the best high-fiber foods to keep your gut happy. One of the sweeter options Dr. Banna recommends is raspberries, which she says also have the benefits of being high in antioxidants and vitamin C.

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Don’t stress too much about measuring what you’re eating — it may be helpful for you to keep a food diary to track your intake at first if you’re making a significant change in your routine, but “once you have that general idea, focusing on whole plant-based foods as an important part of the diet will help,” Dr. Banna says. “Including fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes should help get you enough.” For an inexpensive way to boost both your fiber and protein intakes, Dr. Banna recommends lentils. They pack a lot of nutrition for their [low] price, she says.

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Artichokes and Asparagus

Artichokes contain prebiotic fiber, according to Dr. Brooke Scheller, a doctor of clinical nutrition and a certified nutrition specialist who leads the nutrition team at meal company Freshly. “Prebiotic fiber is important because it acts as food or a ‘fertilizer’ for the probiotics (good bacteria) in our gut. That means even if we have healthy gut bacteria or take a probiotic supplement, we may still have difficulty improving our gut health without providing the proper fuel for our probiotics,” she says. She recommends asparagus for the same reasons.

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Avocados have a lot going for them. In addition to being delicious, high in fiber, and higher in protein than most fruits, they’re also a great source of heart-healthy fat, Dr. Banna says. Avocados can also be good in helping to lower your cholesterol.

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