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Throw a Stylish Winter Solstice Party

Make the most of the shortest day of the year with seasonal food, stylish decor and a festive party favor.

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Celebrate the Season

Winter solstice is worth celebrating. We'll show you ways to make the most of the shortest day of the year with the season's hottest colors, textures and flavors.

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Glass Bottle Centerpiece

Add a little whimsy to your winter table by suspending pine and berry clippings in a variety of glass bottles filled with water. Place tapered candles into the bottle openings to create a serene, illuminated centerpiece.

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Easy Yarn Table Runner

Make your table a conversation piece with a one-of-a-kind runner inspired by macrame weavings. All you need are two wooden dowels and a roll of wool yarn. Simply place the dowels parallel from each other at your desired length, and string the yarn in straight lines back and forth, looping around the dowel at each end. Once you get your desired look, cut the yarn and tie to secure the ends.

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Metallic Wood Slices

Incorporate natural elements like wood and greenery into your tablescape. To add a high end look to these natural elements, add copper tape in simple patterns to clean wood slices.

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